Patient Rights & Responsibilities

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Patient Rights

  • Right to Impartial access to care
  • Right to Respect & Dignity
  • Right to Privecy & Confidentiality
  • Right to personal safety & Security
  • Right to know the identity & Professional status of the Care giver
  • Right to informed participation in Decision involving his/her care
  • Right to refuse treatment
  • Right to go for 2nd opinion
  • Right to be informed of Hospital rules & regulation
  • Right to information on how to file a complaint
  • Right to explanation for all items charged in Bill
  • Right to access medical record

Patient Information

  • Following the rule and regulation of the Hospital
  • Providing complete & accurate information abount your past illness, medical history, allergies etc
  • Following the treatment plan recommended by your care givers
  • You are responsible for outcomes, if you do not follow the instruction or treatment suggested by your care giver
  • Paying your bills promptly
  • Misbehaving with hospital staffs or mishandling hospital’s asset is a punishable offence by IPC
  • Notify your care giver if you do not understand the instruction

*Disclaimer- The charges and data mentioned for the services offered at ILS Hospitals are subjected to change. You are requested to verify the same with the hospital.