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Thalassemia Clinic

16th Jan ‘08/ Kolkata: A unique Thalassemia Clinic that will perform lifesaving ‘spleen surgeries’ laparoscopically, a facility not available anywhere else in the city was launched today. Legendary actor Mr. Soumitra Chatterjee, was the Chief Guest at the event & inaugurated the Clinic, along with award winning Director Mr. Gautam Haldar, the Guest of Honour. This first of it’s kind Thalassemia Clinic, fully equipped & led by some of Kolkata’s most competent surgeons, hematologists, pediatricians & pediatrician counselor, has been set up by ILS Multispeciality Clinic, Eastern India’s leading diagnostic, healthcare & laparoscopic centre. It’s primary aim is to lend a helping hand to thousands of suffering thalassemia patients across the city. The ‘spleen’ surgery via the laparoscopic method, is an ILS specialty that the hospital has been practicing for over a year now & it’s greatest benefit for thalassemic patients is that they can return home in 48 hours

Titled, ‘ILS Thalassemia Clinic,’ this new specialized unit within the premises of the Salt Lake hospital, will also endeavour to reach out to poor & disadvantaged thalassemic patients who cannot afford detection or treatment of the disease. Complimentary bed & free blood transfusion units will be extended to underprivileged patients especially children, who will only have to arrange for the blood. The hospital also promises to extend it’s specialized laparoscopic ‘spleen surgery’ facility, each costing around Rs.50,000/- to at least 24 underprivileged patients in the new year! In these cases, the patient would only have to bear the comparatively meager cost of Rs. 4,000/- as medication. All investigations that need to be performed for the purpose, would be done at ILS itself at a flat 50% discounted rate. In either case, whether to access the special blood transfusion facility or the subsidized spleen surgery, all the patient party has to do is provide a reference letter from a person or organization with some standing, declaring that the individual cannot afford ordinary treatment or transfusion.

The ‘ILS Thalassemia Clinic’ it was declared at the launch, is also designed to organize ‘thalassemia mass awareness campaigns’ & plans to do so through seminars & Continuous Medical Education programmes, in future. While these will majorly target children & their parents, since thalassemia primarily strikes the young, the campaigns will also educate adults. Considering that thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder that causes mild or severe anemia, the Clinic will specially generate awareness about the necessity of adults testing themselves before marriage or pregnancy. The reason being that only these tests would allow them to ascertain whether they are thalassemia carriers or not & to ensure that their to be born child is not a thalassemic. Given the growth rate of thalassemia cases in the country, this will be a vital initiative by ILS to plug the rise in such cases, at least in Kolkata. To ensure the success of these campaigns it will extensively involve & seek support from the public, corporates, Thalassemia societies & the government, as well.

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